Rising income in Rabbit land

An article in the Washington Post on household income shows that household income in most counties in the United States peaked decades ago.  However, “The inflation-adjusted median household income in Scotland County, Mo., peaked in 2013 at $39,028.”  Dancing  Rabbit Ecovillagers arrived in Scotland County in 1996, and other communities have grown up around it.  Could it be that the presence of Rabbits increased incomes in Scotland county?

The normal minimum wage at Rabbits is $9.50 per hour. This minimum is alleged to be the amount one would need to do to meet one’s basic needs by working about 20 hours per week.  Even at 2000 hours per year, that’s only $19,000.  And the cost of living at Rabbits is typically much lower – I think $13,000 per year would be generous for most people.  Several live on far less, particularly those who grow their own food and built their own house.  So, no, Rabbits is unlikely to be the source of this economic increase.

A happy curiosity.

About Sunflower Erika

This blog was about my transition to a rural ecovillage. The attempted move left me wandering, nearly homeless, for nine months. Years later, I'm finishing up writing "what happened".
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